TLDR: I wanted to change email to new one, but I could not remember which one I have
currently. I found out an API in DevRant JS files for email verification and used
it to find it out.

So, I am moving from Gmail to Protonmail Pro, absolutely love their service.
I wanted to do same on Devrant but I could not figure out my current mail for
"I lost my password" form. My Password Manager have only login saved, and profile does
not show email address.

I thought that this user information is stored on server so it have to be some way to retrieve it. I dug
in source code and I've found:

`<div class="signup-title">Verify Your Email</div>`

Which has event assigned to function which uses jQuery.ajax (love it btw :D) to call:

`url: "/api/users/me/resend-confirm",`

This seems like worth a shot. Few copy-pastes and one ajax call later:


From: support@devrant.io
To: dawid@dawidgoslawski.pl
"Welcome to Devrant"

Got it :) So I have already changed in march when DevRant on previous layout.

This is what I love in this profession - problem solving. AI will not replace human
in any way, we will just stop coding array iterations and data manipulation - we will focus
on real problem solving and human touch (like design, convincing management for changes).

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    ++ for leaving a mass surveillance network in favor of a privacy respecting service!
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