After exhaustive talking to my boss, who always expresses the same concerns, we always end up agreeing that we need to separate development across our coworkers competences ...
We are even gonna hire a full front-end developer this time (as we did with the last 3 hires)..

And what did he do you may ask...
Put our front ender in charge of:
- Build a api in python
- Build the front-end
- 2 months deadline

The front ender is smart and is constantly asking me stuff and learning a lot.

But wtf boss? I could do it in no time...
I literally spent this whole week doing nothing, waiting for some approvals...

He is making everyone unmotivated as fuck ...

I'm starting to wonder pretty fucking every time if he is genuinely retarded.

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    Maybe you could take over some tasks of that guy.
    Sounds like he's completely overworking himself.
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    Yep, you understood perfectly.

    And now It just got to my knowledge that he enforced CSS inside react components to one of my coworkers and he is "hacking" his way around it...
    Its horrendous...
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    <Component style={{width: '50%'}} />

    And don't use CSS files...
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    @AlexDeLarge yeah, I do it a little different, but I'm really no front end dev so I end up not going deep into studying it.

    Anyway... My boss is making these kinds of half assed decisions now, the kinds that if you think for 10 seconds you can see it sucks.

    I'm gonna try to convince him to reconsider this CSS one...

    Thank you for the tips :)
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    @AlexDeLarge I made only one react/redux project so far but I structure it somehow like this:

    <BoxContainer />
    <BoxHeader />
    <BoxBody />
    <BoxFooter />

    The *Container component has the props and dispatches mapped from redux store and just pass it tho the "dumb" components that are organized under its render method

    As far as CSS goes I'm using a React material lib because It was asked too at the beginning of the project, so most my custom CSS goes into the components anyway.

    But if I have to do something more advanced with CSS I use a CSS file but I end up using only one because it doesn't have more than 40 lines anyway and this project is such a rush, its the motive of my rage for the past 5 months 😂😂
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    Exchange work with the front end guy?
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