What is a good start in go?

My wife wants to upgrade her coding skills from „I heard it at college“ to „I actually did something with it“.
I want to learn Go and start coding a bit more. My background is mostly C++ (Backend) and a bit Java (Fronted) some years ago before I went more into testing. For test automation I always use the language that makes the project happy, often Java.

We want want to join forces now, take a vacation and implement a small microservice in Go for my wife’s product (she is a PO) using pair programming.

I want to prepare that a bit. What is a good course or web tutorial to start, that some of you took and can recommend?

Thank you very much!!

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    u already went through https://tour.golang.org ?
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    Java for frontend? What?
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    @coffeeholic that is the one I started using.

    @teganburns yes, I searched and I find so many, that I wanted opinions from others.

    I hope to find people who have already done some of them and can tell me if they liked them. So it is easier for me to choose.

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    @kpenc way, way, way back when front end also was a client application running on a windows machine...
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    @mgehlen ah, I thought about that but decided to ask nevertheless.
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    The above mentioned tour of go is very nice and I can also recommend "gobyexample.com"
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