You're allowed to flame me for being a clueless idiot btw.

Why do so many sites append things like titles and words from posts to urls (Devrant included)? I know for sure that this isn't necessary for it to find posts (there are ID's). If there were just those strings of text and the site had to figure it out I would probably kill someone. But really, why are they there? User convenience? So that people see what they're going to read about when you link them to something?

TL;DR Why do urls for rants/posts have lots of text at the end?

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    Why do people put the TL;DR at the bottom? It's made to help you not read long passages, but it's pointless if it's at the bottom and I read it AFTER the paragraph.

    But I'm curious about your question too, so: 📌
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    If the URL represents the content, you'll get ++ on Search Engines.

    I also often see:


    Nothing is stopping you from doing:


    Depending on the code underneath, it'll redirect you, or just show content for that ID anyway.

    The originally generated URL should be put in the meta-data - so, if someone shares that link, or it was versioned, the SE knows the original one.

    Why are you so mad about it anyway :P
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    @xewl Ooh that's a neat way to explain it. Also I can't tell if sarc but I'm not mad; I'm just curious lol.
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    @Stuxnet I put TL;DR's at the bottom because if someone is scrolling past it they might read that and because it seems more common. Upon looking up the issue, there's apparently a lot of debate... That is a good point though. *thinking*
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    @collinb1000 When cynicism collides with sarcasm, it's called Syntax Error.
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    @xewl SocialInteraction doesn't have a good debugger...
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    @collinb1000 nah, xewl is correct. or at least it used to be that way, and who the fuck knows if it still is today.

    funny thing is that it's usually just an ignored part, but then, some "innovative" sites i've come across ACTUALLY USE THAT URL PARAM TO GENERATE ARTICLE'S TITLE, so you can arbitrarily change it to better reflect your opinion about the article, for a bit of fun
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