If you right click on a video on YouTube (on desktop), there's an option to view 'Stats for nerds'.


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    I think it's on every video element, at least on Firefox
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    @nbamaral doesn't work on techcrunch videos (on chrome).
    Also when you right click the gui looks like the YouTube gui for other menus.
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    @nbamaral in firefox, all html5 video elements have stats for nerds. YouTube makes it's own version of nerds.

    The YouTube app can have stats for nerds too. Go to:
    Account (tap the circle with your profile pic) > Settings > General.
    At the botton it should say "Enable stats for nerds". Now on every video on YouTube you can turn on stats for nerds. This even works while casting so if you use your Chromecast whike casting, you will see stats for nerds on the chromecast itself :)
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