This was when I was pursuing my bachelors degree. One of the professors was of the opinion that only her code was right and anything else is wrong! For example if she did something with a for loop and I did the same with a while loop, my answer would be wrong -_- What the hell -_-

(Also, often her code would be wrong too and sometimes wouldn't even compile.. She used Notepad btw)

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    That is actually the opposite of how you should teach programming hahah. Imagine if a math teacher did that... /:
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    Indian university?
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    She could get every Jetbrains IDE for free with her .edu email address
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    The main difference between the for's and the while's is a matter of pragmatics: we usually use for when there is a known number of iterations, and use while constructs when the number of iterations in not known in advance.
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    my web dev teacher either used notepad or Dreamweaver and only her codes were correct which consists of nothing but inconsistent indentation
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    Also everyone knows it's all about notepad++ :D
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    @xroad Yep, Indian university
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    What did you tell her?
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    I too have one of those. loves to pull things as far as they go meaning writes codes spanning 10s of lines for things that can be done in a sane way with 4 lines. really grinds my brain.

    @xroad yup.
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    @fmi11 nope. everyone here is stuck on an ancient version of turboc++ for C++. it's not even their final release
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