What's your favorite Spotify coding playlist?!

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    Monstercat / Viking Metal / Metal / Rock.
    I don't have exact playlist names, I just let it autoplay from a certain song I like and it continues to give me more songs that are good.

    For Monstercat though I just go to their page and click on a random playlist.
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    Mostly playlists without much or any lyrics like:
    - Deep Focus
    - Deep House Relax
    - optimistic nihilism
    - zelda breath of the wild
    - Rap Beats & Instrumentals

    (Never played any Zelda games, but the soundtracks are nice)
    It should depend on what you like. There are some programming playlists, but those mostly have random (but similar) genres in it, which may put you off sometimes.

    I find playlists with piano music to be pairticulary good at focusing (see playlist 3), but all of the mentioned ones are good for me because of the total lack of lyrics and a thight genre.
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    Chillhop is my jam
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    I like the bass and the lack of lyrics
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    Rammstein 🤘🇩🇪
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    It keeps changing for me. Sometimes workout playlists, sometimes deep focus. At times classical.
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    Daft Punk and similar or slow and steady metal with a lot of drum.
    I tried doom metal once but it was too dramatic, half of the time I wanted to raise my hands up and cry tears of blood up to the moon when my code wouldn't compile.
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    Early Hardstyle!
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