So I ended up going with antergos and xfce DE on a cheapo 4gb ram i5 laptop.

It works, sometimes it hangs because of ram, but the thing that is infurating me the most is javaFX with animation loop (school course) whenever I run it, it works for a minute then oh good fucking Lord what happened to you!!!

It hangs, mouse doesn't work, and it takes like 10 minutes for it to respond back and somehow forcefully close the application, running that with task manager asude, I don't see anything critical, unless I'm reading this wrong

CPU averages around 10% and sometimes spikes to 70% few times
Ram is around 50%, swap is 50% too

What could the issue be in this case? I'm sure running the whole thing on windows this wouldn't have happened, what am I missing here?

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    Swap using tmpfs by any chance?
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    @lotd i ran df -k and this is what i got
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    Rule number one-ish when encountering problems

    Restart the damn device first.

    If that fixed it then you can either investigate further or just ignore it.
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    The issue probably isn't RAM, but your graphics card drivers. Hanging on somewhat graphics intensive tasks is pretty common on old hardware that might be lacking support. I personally have this problem on my desktop PC running Arch which has an old AMD Radeon inside, and the symptoms were exactly like you described. The system was hanging from time to time, and sometimes I needed to completely kill the x server and restart it.

    I could often fix it by installing older or newer versions of drivers or the linux kernel, or by installing proprietary drivers, which I did in the case of my Arch install.

    Please check your error logs like /var/log/Xorg.0.log or run logcat. Chances are you're going to find some graphics card related errors in there.
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