How would I go about finding a game dev project that I can follow where I can view progress on a designers level? I want to see a game built from the ground up, detailed error reports included?

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    @Codex404 that works, but if im being a picky beggar Id want to try to avoid twitch
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    YouTube jabrilscpu?
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    Well I can give you the rundown of my game development module at uni.

    We had a really cool idea.
    People disappeared.
    We scaled back design.
    People continued to disappear.
    We scaled back again.
    People still gone.
    The few remaining out of 12 original members did all the missing work from the other members in the last week on about 1hr sleep a night.

    It was a shit show. 4/10 probably wouldn't recommend to a friend.
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    Nightmare. What part were you working on?
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    @malformedshrub the all of it part :/

    Tbh I had to do level design a lot, we lost mostly artists and that's the only part a programmer can get away with.
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