I'm I the only one who doesn't face any problems with windows updates? Not sure why people complaining so much about it and the rant feed is full of windows update problems. Strange!

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    Most people just love to complain,
    Most of the issues updates create can be sorted out without much hassle, but where’s the fun in that if I can get some free ++ 😂

    It’s not like when windows 10 first came out and you had a faulty start menu, no right click, and ctrl+alt+del wouldn’t respond. Thank god I didn’t remove desktop icons when that happened.
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    I think updates should be seen positively.
    Windows Updates = Coffee & Snack Time 😃 and Time too look / walk around & think or talk about the world. 🤔😊
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    Maybe reading the rants of the people annoyed at Windows update would help.
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    @inaba I have read them already, I'm facing none of that! That's why I posted this!!!!!!!!
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