So I’m looking at a senior dev role, and wondering what kind of coding challenges to expect, what have some of you more senior devs had to face in the past?

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    In what language/s?
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    We've been interviewing for senior developer roles over the past few months, but rather than focusing on the coding challenge itself, we've been looking at
    - the approach to problem solving (does it make sense, regardless of whether it's right or wrong? Can the candidate articulate their solution?)
    - architecture (we usually give a small case study)
    - git/vcs practices
    - tests implementation
    To name a few
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    @encore yeah same here when we interviewed for senior position.

    Also code review test, and if is js position I always expect a senior to know big O notation
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    it’s for frontend web (css, js) + Java backend, although language matter much, as most scenarios could be ported to other language sets.
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    @C0D4 check that big O notation and algorithmic theory. A lot of senior js dev learnt on the field and is not acceptable that they don't know the basis of the craft.
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    Ah so more the how to rather then the can do.
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    Does coding in notepad count?
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    @C0D4 at my current job I am the lead dev and interview candidates for senior positions, want to have a "demo interview" to practice? (mostly JavaScript tho, my Java skills are rusty)
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    Never stop learning is probably the most important one
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