Basically a senior dev that felt attacked because I (still in (IT-) school) could solve his 'oh so hard' programming test 'with ease'. He then went on and wanted to hear one specific answer from me on a very broad question. I (obviously) couldn't read his mind, so he started using that to make me look bad in front of the recruiter.

What a nice working environment...

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    @irene can't recall exactly but he showed me some java code and asked me something like 'what does this do'. I went through it line by line and then summarized the purpose.
    He wanted an other answer
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    When lame seniors feel threatened, they do such things. What an arse! 😕
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    I'd ask a question regarding one of the problems I was dealing with recently and try to learn other points of view. Am i weird?
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    @mt3o not at all, or I am weird, too. I'd do the same. 😉
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    “Any man, who's afraid of hiring the best ability he can find, is a cheat who's in a business where he doesn't belong. To me-the foulest man on earth, more contemptible than a criminal, is the employer who rejects men for being too good.”
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