At a previous job I bumped heads with the IT person a lot because he would spread misinformation about technology so the owners would never replace him. This was conversation with the VP:

VP: Hey I just got a new security setup at my house and I can monitor everything with my phone.
Me: That's cool.
VP: I'm rethinking it because [IT guy] said it was very dangerous to have, what do you think?
Me: ....? What did he say was dangerous about it?
VP: He said hackers could then gain access to cameras and plan the perfect time to rob me since it's in the cloud.
Me: I seriously doubt anyone is planning an Ocean's 11 heist to steal your TV.
VP: Yea I thought it sounded weird when he told me.

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    Well...unlikely doesn't mean wrong :)
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    The only secure computer is the one that nobody has access to..

    But hackers, or a nifty super-surveillance tool, *could* do that :)
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    It's not a dumb question; it just plays on the VP's ego and worries to magnify an otherwise small chance of incidents.
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