Weekend goals be like...
Building custom, generic CSV utility with support for nested objects!

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    > Sees java.
    > Sees JetBrains
    > Sees orange
    > Reminds of Gradle
    > Punches screen
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    Why though are you base64-encoding a string?

    I'm just asking because I'm a noob.
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    Hey another Mumbaikar !
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    @gamingfail123 encoding reduces size of large data, we don't want memory exceptions ... This isn't a compression technique though... Will have to check more on it after m done building it :)
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    @pk1992 base64 is actually used for compatibility reasons when dealing with text content. It doesn't save space at all.
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    Love the clazz
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    @beegC0de Base64 actually expands the size of your data by 4/3 ... Sad ...will have to use some compression technique now
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    @CozyPlanes wdf is wrong in using Java and IntelliJ?
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    @pk1992 i meant androod development
    (I know this picture is not android development, just reminded me of the hell)
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    I mean, would you mind commenting your code?
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    @cabrasm it's constantly changing overtime with new ideas, so haven't commented, obviously would comment it :)
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    @pk1992 i mean, as you wish :)
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