Leaving out comments assuming your code is readable enough. Code != English

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    The code was hard to write, so it should also be hard to read...
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    You can just add them later
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    @Conrad hahaha. That's what the author of that uncommented code says. Then he/she leaves the company.
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    Code is indeed not English, code can be read just one way, english can have two meanings where one is meant.
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    In addition to the previous comment, how do you expect someone that can't write self explaining code to write good documentation? That might sound irritating at first, but I personally prefer short and descriptive code rather than long and messy code with a lot of documentation.
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    @Rethought until you work on a project existing for 12 years, which takes 8 hours to completely download from a local source control system.

    Its so huge and complex that a bit of documentation would be handy.
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