Purposely decided to not upvote joke/memes, especially with pictures. I actually like that devRant is this super safe place and a very non-toxic community. Where people can open themselves without being afraid of getting terrorized.

Really appreciate it and have huge respect for the creators making that a reality.

But I'm also thankful for everyone in the community to contribute to that.

So yea thank you all and keep on ranting 😊

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    You can just use the joke/memes filter then
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    @JoshBent every now and then there is a good joke, but if you upvote the algorithm goes nuts on joke/memes. So rather keep them on a low frequency.

    I enjoy work rants/stories or things people have made/projects. Introductions much more interesting to read.
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    @samm you could also switch to recent and just go nuts on upvoting anything 😉
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    @JoshBent haha, you're a typical developer. "There are always multiple ways to reach your goal"
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    @samm hah, well there's options for a reason afterall, right? 😄
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    @JoshBent I'll put some faith in the algorithm, if it fails me I can resort to your wonderful suggestions 😉
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    training skynet for free? 😉
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