Assuming people understand lambdas.... It looks so clean though 😔

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    Teach them and make them see the light!
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    Its literally a function with 1 line of code. Its not that hard
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    @illusion466 some people has this idea that when they see something they have never seen before they have to complain about it and tell you to make a more verbose solution to something that is so so simple if they just took the time to not be butt hurt about seeing stuff that is new to them
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    @inaba soo much this, we have a few that are insane about verbosity I'm fairly sure they want it to compile under java 4 🙃
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    They are clean and pretty as long as they are not abused. I hate when people build method only using streams and 3 layers of >10-lines-long lambdas. This is neither clean nor clear at all!
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    If you like verbosity you should use low-level languages, not java
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    Not having a firm grasp on lambdas is one of my regrets. After my vacation is over I'm hitting the books.
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