I want to write a program that uses machine learning to predict questions in an exam. The questions to be predicted are based on topics or trends from one year of newspapers and related topics from a syllabus. I wish to use python for this. But dont know where to start. I know nothing about ml! Wish to structure this out. Help me.

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    Uuhm.. I don't think this will be easy. If you get this done you are probably so smart that you just have a single 10 second look on the exam paper and can tell the answers blind while playing the violin.
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    @gitreflog. Thanks for the reply. As i was writing i came up with this plan.

    1. Retrieve all newspaper articles of one respected newspaper. And dump that day wise ordered monthwise to a db. Do this for 10 years.
    2. Take the old 10 years previous questions. And do some ml stuff and find out how both correlates. For example, if i have year 2012s questons i will find out where in the db the topics were triggered and on what date. And making the ml model understand this character.
    3. Like this i will have 10 trends in a ml model.
    4. Finally i do reverse. This time i give it like the latest one year newspaper articles. And this model will predict based on past experience characters the topics that might be triggered. Also, You can increase accuracy by removing topics that have come already. So the amount needed to study reduces drastically.

    So what do u think? Any ideas?
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    @oudalally ok! Wont post. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    @karthikdev As i said, highly impractical. Predicting what a person thinks is basically impossible on a topic like this. (It is not impossible if you have an inside joke and you know each other well. This is very limited and probably not applicable to ML anyways.)
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    @gitreflog i fully agree with u. But that said i am not looking at 100 % accuracy. I am looking st 40%. I wish to key in various parameters. I mean to say this exam is an important one in India. And most of the senior folks or coaching institutes are able to predict with their 10 years of experience. I have found that there is a pattern based on my research and connections with people in the coaching industry who coach students to write this exam. Just dont know how to program this, thats all. Hmm. Anyways will try out something.
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    @oudalally wow! Thank you so much! You read my mind. You made my day!

    I know and understand the helplessness at not being able to solve this challenge. But somehow my mind tells me it can be done.

    I am remembered of alan turing of making the bombe machine in using it to predict the position of uboats. And this is what inspired me to think and ask myself " gee, those folks at the institutes know atleast 60% of the questions coming in the exam. And it takes then an year to do so. What if i can do that in days or seconds by a computer? All this computing power and no prediction. Common!."....

    Looks like i need to dig deeper. What about deep learning?

    Thank you so much once again. :)
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    @oudalally thank you so mucha again. Will dig in. I was thinking to break the project into smaller feasible units. Guess will try out with something small and workable.

    Will post the updates. Thanks again.
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    @singh029 is that a joke or a serious reference for the project?
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