Me: Man this has been a killer week! Coding bootcamp has been better than I ever could have dreamed. Home life is good. Nothing could kill my good mood.

*opens up Facebook*
*Sees Microsoft is trying to pay billions of dollars to take control of Github*



*Starts cloning repos like crazy*

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    Yeah. Because after Microsoft buys GitHub you have to pay them to get your repositories from GitHub.

    Hey hey just 10$ per repo and when you clone 10 repos together get a clone of any repo free.

    Just just stop with this already. When facebook bought WhatsApp it didn't change anything in your lives and same will happen with this acquisition. Everyone thinks that Microsoft is evil, don't you guys know vscode or typescript? They have also done some good work, just look at office. Seriously don't go that far to think that GitHub's as a product will suffer same fate as windows 10
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    @py2js Bad example. There were some changes in regards of data, which may not have left everyone happy.
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    @FilipeRamalho i may have a bad example but people are losing their shit without reasons. These are all the people who complains about windows update.
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    @py2js Yeah, they started sharing data with fb data center and didn't told about it but after while. Yeah same time happened that I removed WhatsApp when I heard FB puchased it. And quite many of people I know did same.
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    I don't want Microsoft in control of or having access to private repos... period...
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    @py2js well Windows updates suck...even most Windows lovers agree with that lmfao...

    I'm glad you're more than happy about Microsoft and fb selling and sharing info with any one who is willing to pay for or strongarm it. I'm not, and I don't want them in control of my code or anyone else's.
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    Think of it like Google buying YouTube... or Microsoft buying LinkedIn

    Not much has changed? Other than I'm not that interested in LinkedIn these days...
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    @n00bn00b GitHub holds private repositories of some of the most powerful companies. If Microsoft tries to get access to their private code/private repositories then they would be in a big trouble. You understand that GitHub's actual enterprise users holds enough power to kick asses of anyone who does that.
    Other than that it's a felony
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    @py2js simple change of user agreements and they could own anything on the site.

    The enterprise accounts are the one thing keeping me hopeful they won't burn the whole thing to the ground.

    But it's Microsoft. I straight up just do not trust them.
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    @py2js i would say that weakening the encryption is a big deal
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    @billgates Google buying YouTube has been good in some ways and absolutely terrible in others.
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    The "success" of Minecraft... wow...

    They literally butchered Minecraft into a microtransaction saturated buggy shit show...
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    Fingers crossed they don't destroy Github :/
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