@dfox feautre request:
should be able to share content via other mediums. means share in feautre

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    Yeah! How cool wouldn't it be to share a rant telepathically!! Awesome 😂
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    you mean like in a medium of gifs and short vid(like a vine)?
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    @damianbear I meant when we see something in our gallery and devrant doesn't appear in sharing options
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    @rookiemaverick so you basically mean the ability to share text and images to devrant directly (without opening devRant) via an intent.

    Simply, the ability to create a new rant by sharing text or image to devRant from outside the app.
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    @ShivamArora I like this interpretation a lot! I second this feature request.
    But if you could implement it the way I interpreted it, by using a psychic medium, it would be even more awesome to just get all new rants directly into my brain. Imagine, no more OS flame wars, only one interface!
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    @siljamicke well one way is to use devRant web app on VR or HoloLens.

    So you see a rant, click your head to share a screenshot of the rant you are seeing or a link of the rant and the guy on the other side clicks his head to retrieve the rant and see it using his HoloLens.

    Simply, You click your head to share what's front in you!
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