Me: I develop Applications.

Stranger: Oh so you are a programmer.

Me: Yup 😎

Stranger: Please hack my ex's insta.

Me: I am not a hacker nor am I intrested in learning to hack. I develop stuff from scratch. Innovate and contribute something to society.

Stranger: Oh, what a disappointment. Why did you say you are a programmer then.

Me: I...~am 😶

For some, hacking is the only programming thing for them. I get message at least once a month from someone requesting to hack someones fb,insta or some account.

Thinking of creating a bot which finds such keywords in my messages and automatically replies to them explaining what I really do. Or just f***ing block them.

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    Why even keep talking to strangers that ask this? The moment I hear "can you hack-" I walk away.

    And don't say bye. (I'm a bad ass, I know.)
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    @Stuxnet Haha, I just cannot ignore those messages. Hope I become as badass as you are. Saying no bye *phew*. Which world are you from? :O
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    I would honestly write a bot which replies with countless pages of law and why hacking is illegal.

    Actually I've had some folders on my webserver which contained some of my private information and I knew only bots or people who desperately wants to steal personal data would try to find these folders on websites, so I took my .htaccess file and redirected all traffic to this folder to a lmgtfy redirect, which then searched for "the punishment of hacking" or something like that. I love to educate those idiots. :)
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    I'd rather be asked to hack. Just because I could tell them it's something I don't know how to do.

    Instead, everyone asks me to build the next (insert billion dollar app) but for (another niche market), and I waste my time explaining why this is a bad idea, and why I won't do it for 25% of the potential revenue.
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    an actual rant where the elizabeth spammer would fit perfectly
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    I'd just love to give that guy a "tool" to do it. You know, the kind of tool that steals all their passwords before breaking their system...
    Unfortunately, despite its effectiveness this kind of BOFHesque education is illegal.. But hey, they deserve it just so they know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that kind of beating...
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    @electric-ghost oh, I see. Any good sources?
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