I just can't find it on Google. Does someone know how a charger for this is called or where to find one. It's pretty damn urgent.

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    For macbook?
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    @Clear0Ff no for these little thingys coming out of a battery
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    @bcye I think some rc battery chargers can have those headers.
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    that connectors are called "jst" so go on amazon.com and search something like "jst charger"

    i suppose you have a 3.7v lipo battery of an RC car/quadcopter/car. so you can try in your local hardware store o toys accessories on any e-shop.

    and search a 3.7v (charge voltage is higher) charger with that connectors
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    depends on what's on the other end of these but as the dude above me said, these are jst connectors
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    Looks like you need a balance charger if it's a Lipo battery. I use the same thing for my airsoft batteries.
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    Count the number of leads at the end. If that's X, search for "{X}S wire"

    For example, a 2 lead battery connector is a 2S wire.

    Or just search for battery leads or extensions. I'm sure any local electronics store would have them
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    @raldo94 @LeFlawk thx
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    Basically any RC LiPo charger. I know tinywhoop sells them and they are USB powered.
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