Kind of a followup on my earlier rant, it seems like my "teacher" doesn't even really know C++. He replied to me that "the code doesn't work", which is probably because the code needs the compiler flag for c++11 (I barely even know what I'm talking about here), which he would've known *if he looked at the error message*?!
Have I mentioned enough yet that I STARTED LEARNING C++ LITERALLY ABOUT 2.5 WEEKS AGO?!?! OTL

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    At least your teacher tries to run your code 🙄
    In 5 years of uni I dont think any lecturer actually executed a single line of code I wrote. They just wanted print outs of the code.
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    @CrashOverride agreed, in my uni I felt that if I killed someone and felt like I needed to confess the safest place to do so would be in the assignments source code
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    @CrashOverride @aerfromenes Geez... :/ I suppose I just had too high expectations assuming that my teacher would know the subject he's teaching. :( I haven't exactly had great experiences with that specific school though, so I'm not too surprised tbh.
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    @Navigatr I can relate. I remember the feeling of disappointment when I found out that my “Web Application Development” teacher was a mathematician who openly admitted that he didnt know anything about it and was only there for moral support. He would grade our applications based on how they looked and what features he thought would be good.
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    @CrashOverride They were just as good as Turing to run it in their head.
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