There are two types of people I can't trust: Those who wear short-sleeved shirts and those who don't turn off their ringtone in public.

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    Since I often get business calls and my vibration sometimes fails, I kinda have to leave my ringtone on...
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    With you on the short sleeve shirts. Although they do act as an instant warning... The wearer is a complete prick.😄
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    @linuxxx Sure, but then there is always that guy receiving multiple text messages per minute while having the default Samsung ringtone activated.. *whistle*
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    @Phisa You can also fuck off if you think your phone has to go off when you get an email.
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    You'd like mine, it's the Mario theme. My gf has a special ringtone, the first boss theme 😬
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    @Robbatron Well, probably the guy wearing a t-shirt. Don't you have air conditioning in those places as well?
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    @dionimous you're not your
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