With all M$ buying GitHub thing i really hope some good things will come out of it like:

- Better version control inside Visual Studio.
- Microsoft making its projects more open source, since it now has an official platform for itself.
- Faster and better service from GitHub since there is now a much bigger budget for servers and other things.

But there are some things that i think are worth thinking about:

- Will this be another one of Microsoft's paid services?
- Will there be "intergration" into the Office apps along Skype, Word and others?
- Will the privacy policy change?

Most likely, none of the bad things happen but me being paranoid as i am, I'd prepare. I always try to be optimistic and just ignore it for now until Microsoft start doing things.

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    I think the two most important changes will be one click 'push to GitHub' button in VS and a one click 'deploy to Azure' button in GitHub, and I think that that's great.
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