After github next potential targets are jetbrains and slack so they are done with all competition for next 2-5 years. We can’t beat them but we can always buy them.

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    GitHub is not profitable, an IPO would have crippled the company. What are their options? Rely on the community and set up a GoFundMe page? They can't find a CEO (I doubt anyone would have taken the role after a cursory glance through the ledgers). There aren't many companies that can grow GitHub's enterprise business. I think MS was a prudent choice from a business standpoint. It is also worth noting MS is a platinum member of the Linux foundation. MS is trying to survive too and acquisition is a viable strategy if done correctly. I hope no jobs are lost and wish both parties all the best.
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    @ymas if they are not profitable it’s only cause they’re not listening to their enterprise customers, but creating side projects that are not related to their core business, which is around git and development workflow I presume. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, time will tell that.
    Github might be just good base for analysis of the potentially best development workflow. User base and repositories are biggest of all code sharing websites. This data can be used as investment to choose future technology acquisitions wisely.
    Also if they do nothing stupid everyone would forget about this acquisition in 1-2 weeks and find something more idiotic to talk about.
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