TLDR: Skills and background or dedication for becoming a good programmer?

So I almost finished the bootcamp on my company, there is only 2 people. Me and another guy who is from math major. He wanted to learn programming so he applied for the job. He doen’t know sql, any backend language, and not even html or css when he joined. The only thing he knew is for looping and if condition logic. He survived 1 months or so by learning a lot here. C#, .net mvc, sql, decent css and html. I believe he worked hard by learning it by himself. But the company he can’t continue anymore. I doesn’t know the reason but probably because he is seen as not good enough. Sure he is kinda slow when adding some feature to our small project but we need to find how to do it by ourself mostly. Now I’m alone with another few weeks to continue

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    Listen. You only need two books: first one by Steve McConnell, “The Code Complete”, and the second one is SICP. Read the first thing first and the second thing second.

    Go get yourself a free Heroku and build a simple blog in NodeJS Express and Pug. Plug in free MongoDB from addon store, use Monoose to access it. Set up GitHub autodeploy. The simplest thing possible, except Wordpress.

    Then go further. Get your blog an API through single endpoint (POST a form data to “yourwebsite.com/signup” to actually sign up, etc...) and create a React or Vue app that’ll be using that API. Wrap it with Cordova and make an android app.

    Take small trivial project idea and try to make it as sophisticated as possible. Set up hashing/salting for passwords, try to follow MVC pattern, the list is really long.

    Good luck!
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    @uyouthe I’m not the one who got kicked tho, it’s the other one
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    @devTea honestly, I haven’t read the whole rant, just tldr section 🙃
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    Dedication is the fundamental and must have.

    That said, dedication alone is not enough at commercial level or corporate stages. Skills and experience are necessary when you are taking money from someone.

    The said person should learn individually as freelancer or follow above advice by @uyouthe and then try to apply at a company.
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