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    When you used fixed widths 🙇‍♂️
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    @C0D4 more like "margin-left: 20px;" 😂
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    If this website wasnt a famous one then you would have curse the developers and company.
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    @mebekix but this is in fact famous enough
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    I can almost hear the dialogue between the dev and the designer...

    Designer: Can we make the buttons be the same width regardless of their content? I want them to be exactly XXXpx wide (I measured in my browser).
    DEV: Sure, but this might break the design if the labels ever change, or if the user increases the font size, or...
    Designer (interrupting): No it will be fine. The text will never change anyway. You don't know anything about Design! Just do it!

    Designer (20 minutes later): The boss wants the button to say Pre-register instead of Register. That is not a problem, right?
    DEV: Fuck you...
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