This whole github thing is only yet again revealing, how many package maintainers are a bunch of instable psychopaths and should have somebody else manage the keys

be it one guy deleting all shit from npm and breaking worldwide babel installs or now raging toddlers deleting their repos with no actual readme notice or atleast placeholder repo and telling others to do the same

jesus fucking christ, how can the same person have developed such intricate package and then be an absolute manbaby throwing shit at strangers

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    @Condor I probably should also soon start just mirroring everything I ever use, this crap is getting out of control
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    "How can someone have great technical prowess but treat other people terribly?"

    Super fucking easily, dude.

    This industry needs soft skills but doesn't reward them. We take them for granted when we shouldn't and it creates kind of a toxic situation where team members that do have them are disproportionately called on to pick up the slack for others without any additional benefit to themselves.
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    I think it was their intention. Their repos are probably public now on Gitlab.
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    It's because our industry is dominated by man babies. We have an industry filled with people who have always been able to get by on one (usually over valued) facet of their intellect without having to use social skills or developing the normal behavior and attitudes that any other professional has to possess in order to work in their field. This is why IT and business are always fighting and why shit is constantly breaking and why software projects consistently go over budget and time constraints. I mean for Christ's sake the computer science program at the university I attended had to implement a new series of classes teaching people how to work in teams, how to communicate, and how to not be assholes. How someone can survive into adulthood with such a lack of social skills is beyond me but apparently it happens a lot in this industry.
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    There's also a complete lack of respect from programmers in general towards the people who use and rely on their products (in my experience) and that pisses me right the fuck off. Some of these developers are so self important they think the user doesn't matter at all and they should just conform to whatever the all knowing and wise developer wants. A developer I've had the misfortune of working with for the past two years told me during an outburst in a meeting once that it was his job to tell the users what they wanted. This was both sad and hilarious, sad because of the extreme lack of empathy toward the users needs and hilarious because the garbage he turned out has to consistently be reworked because he makes incorrect assumptions about what users workflows look like and what they want (because he never asks them and always goes into things with preconceptions that are often incorrect).
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    @Brosyl hah, that came unexpected and I had a genuine laugh out of it, thanks
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