I'm one month of finishing college, I have failed to pass an intership in a company I would have loved to join and I'm kind of insecure about what is made for me to be doing in the future.

So far.. I.m like a bit of front-end but not so much, I'm like now a bit of programming but I have a hard time underdtanding its logic and I struggle daily to learn to live. Wish to get into workouts aswell but I'd like to do so for getting healthier instead of good looking. Yet, i feel pretty healthy even tho I smoke a lot of pot..

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    My 2 cents, but thinking too far into the future is reserved for kids and delusional nancys

    find another internship that doesn't require heavy knowledge and where you can learn from seniors or others, that are more advanced or some job that is more relaxed

    allowing you to learn on your own or in your free time, to then apply to positions that demand slightly higher knowledge.
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    I tend indeed to dream alot. I guess I grew up on paper only..
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    @Alin09 if you’re still in college I’d refrain from referring to yourself as a front end developer because the facts are while you’re in college you’re working with a cluster fuck of languages and technologies.

    Drop the label and start calling yourself a developer.
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    @forE I call myself a front-end guy cuz I learned front-end technologies as a hobby I guess, as a thing to learn for a better future. In college I study electronics and telecommunications so ya, a cluster fuck of c++, arduino projects, electronic schemes and more. Haven't related to those as I can not lean into this field more as 'ya, it.s fun but no.'
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    @Alin09 Well from personal experience in the UK it’s simply better label your self as a full stack or a developer when trying to land your opening job or internship/placement.

    Throw a back end language into your cv like node or what ever your preference, learn it to the best of your ability.
    Because nine times out of 10 in internships you have to prove yourself before you can work on the shit that’s required of you. So try to market yourself as open to more technologies and technologies that don’t fall into the normality of your preferred stack.

    Or in simpler terms, get uncomfortable.
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    @forE awesome advice! I'll open a new CV soon and I'll use this!
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    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes. I think it’s taken all of us a fair few tries before landing our first role, but once you do, it becomes easier. Apply to anything and everything that looks interesting to you, without being too picky (the first gig is almost always the worst). Most will decline, but some won’t, and it’s the ones who give you a shot that you should focus on.

    Don’t dwell on the ones who say no.
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