Aah the truth.

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    That’s one thick page
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    @zacg Thick like um...um php devs haha am i right??
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    Why us so much hate on php? I'm developing small scale web apps using it seems easy and get the job done quickly as I'm a beginner. But didn't used other backend languages. I didn't know the reason for the hate even though reading through many articles which make no sense to me as I'm noob.

    So my question is "is it bad to develop an web app using php?" If "yes" which language and framework should I use?
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    No, you can use PHP to create good apps now. But some years ago there were many problems in this language and it is also possible to do a lot of shit with it, while it works. So persons which do not know anything can create working code. But the quality will be really bad.
    So the main problem today is that there is much bad php code in the world and every script kiddie may add his own.
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    @kimb oh cool. I'm a beginner too amd starting out php to develop apps. Should try to maintain my code clean with psr standards.
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    People often hate what they don't understand
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    Yes, using a standard as psr is good to start coding and learn a clean style. But you donˋt have to follow it always exactly, it is more important to develop your own standards you follow always. e.g. If you donˋt like the rule to always use spaces, you could define, always use tabs.
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