Would I be going too far out of my role as a developer if I write a coding standards/development practices/procedures guideline for the whole team dictating a set of rules everyone needs to follow? Basically telling people how they should be doing everything.

I'm senior developer but not the only one and also the youngest. No one has to follow it but I would plan to present it to my boss and his boss. I feel like I would come across (if not already) like "I'm better/more experienced than all of you, so you should do what I say because the way things are now isn't working and will only get worse".

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    Kinda but you need to do a little but of it. Just balance things. If the language is PHP then gg give them links about best practices or laracasts. Like psr-2 coding standards.
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    @Devnergy I've tried that (links, articles, books, etc) but they don't do outside learning.

    These seniors guys just coffee whatever works and handle all the blowups that come after... And well if they can't figure it out... Usually I get asked to take a look...
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    woah, i need a guy like u in my company.
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    @billgates wow that's a nice work culture for them lol
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    In a similar position to you. I think it just comes down to the language you use. If you say something like: I would like to propose the following standards to improve our software quality and here are the reasons why/what this would achieve. Then it means the same thing as some people here don't have a clue what they're doing and create technical debt but comes across much more positively. Good luck with whatever you decide to do
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    Suggest to have a standard first. Once everyone is on board, discuss who will define the standards. If need, volunteer.
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