Thinking to reduce google foot print by replacing google map with here map... Any suggestion before I do?

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    i like and use it for several months now. works great, saves mobile data, can be recognized as default maps app.
    although i am quite sure you just set your footprint somewhere else.
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    Also take a look at osmand! Open street maps android.

    Maps work offline as well 😊
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    @erroronline1 my one of the German friends said, it's better to use tool from different companies so that a single company doesn't know about you completely.
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    @linuxxx cool. I'll try that
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    @amitgupta i do not disagree!

    open street maps works good as well and navigated me always fine. but in my opinion the updates were kind of 'too often', almost every time i wanted to use it i was informed about map updates. recent maps for sure, but a little bit annoying after some time
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    *map factor with ops (5min timeout)
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    @amitgupta Germans are complete psychopaths when it comes to companies' scripts on their sites because "everyone is tracking us and selling our data", they already freak out when some bakery dude knows their name.

    Like the fuck does the company care about them going to a bar every now and them or whatever, they use the data so that they can offer you better experiences and develop new stuff like the Google bot making an appointment at the barbershop because those lazy ass idiots can't be arsed to do that on their own anymore.

    "Oh no, I embed a JS library from Cloudflare's CDN, now they know my IP!"

    Of course they process your data, but they don't care about what the individual actually is doing individually.


    That being said, use whatever you feel fits best for you / your site / your interests. Lile if you'd prefer Apple Maps over Open Street Maps for example, then sure, go with that.
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    @Meta I agree on some points. But I believe there should not be a single person or a company holding the market or user data. It affect different opinions, different choice, and different way of doing things.

    And once the rest options are closed, user will have to agree with all the conditions of service provider.
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    Another way could be letting the user choose which map to display although that can be akward when you do that with everything.
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