How is it to work on an open source project?
Can anybody add something and who checks if the added feature works correctly?

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    So, let's say you saw a nice project and you want to add something. You can do 2 things:
    1. Fork the project, essentially creating another project.
    2. Create a pull request. This way the changes you made will get merged into the project. Only the project owners can merge pull requests. If you want I can demo it to you in a few hours!
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    @fuck2code Okay, but after I've implemented something, what do I do? I cant merge it as I'm not the Project owner. @fuck2code
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    @Marl3x you have to wait for the project owner to approve your PR.
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    @fuck2code So I send it to him and either he/they accept it or not. Okay thanks 😃
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    @Marl3x no problem man
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