Ha ha ha!

I will wait a while before I pass judgement if you don't mind...

Microsoft bought GitHub to rebuild developer trust, says new CEO.

Linky below:


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    Well, that move was off to a pretty... Rough start.

    I will stay self hosted... Was before this, mostly because I don't want to see some of my projects in public or in other hands than my own(and I don't want to pay extra for that, plus I run a server at home anyway). That won't change now.
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    @ilPinguino same here dude, I've stayed away from Git over the years, because the free accounts mandated that my code be public. I'm not good enough to ensure that my code is 100% hackproof so the last thing I wanted to do was put out in the open for all to see lol...
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    @ilPinguino gitlab has free private repos 🤗 i had the same issue with github
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    @justmove it's still on other people's servers and it might be illegal in some jurisdictions... Besides, it's probably automated enough for a script kiddie to use... Don't really wanna be responsible for anything bad happening. You know, there's people out there who blame the arms industry for murders? They would also blame me for any evil that's done with my... Experiments.
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    @ilPinguino if that's your concern I fully understand that
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    Hahaha damn this actually made me lose all my trust in github and Microsoft (already lost it in Microsoft though)
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    So what Microsoft is saying is...developers developers developers developers.

    Some things never change.
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