So, A very close friend of mine is a fellow computer science student. But she has no interest in coding. Mostly because she never tried it. Is there any post or video that can help her find a motivation.

I know that interest comes from within, but set that aside for a while and help me out with something that inspired you.

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    So let me get this straight...she's majoring in something she doesn't like? That's not a wise thing to do.
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    She Will
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    @Stuxnet @Wetkinky-Fro
    India is a culture where people have no idea what coding is. Only some of us were curious enough to learn about coding culture.
    If there is no one who tells her what coding is then she won't know it.

    Plus she is a girl and believe me females in india don't generally get to choose their career.
    I am ashamed of this situation but that's the truth.
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    @fuck2code really dope
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    Computer science != Coding
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    @ceee any inputs? You know since you are indian.
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    @vidu oh yes i am aware of this situation. Being from "THE" all women engineering University I am well aware.
    I've seen this a lot,even students in senior year , who graduate with a degree but not a lot of skills.
    Is she inclined towards govt sector (you know what I am hinting at ...😅 ). I have seen most people who are "more likely to get a govt job" are less interested in coding.
    Now coming to your question...what inspired me...
    I was an engineering aspirant,who studied biology in 12th for fun, because I wasn't much aware of CS,but I shared the classroom with CS students,so their stuff intrigued me,that's the start.

    What motivates me to code?

    It'll get me a goddamn job,better than the one I might get ,if I don't code.

    And it's not boring, more practical work ,less cramming. And less writing.

    I can do whatever I want.

    It's cool, making a computer follow instructions.

    What other options I have,other than coding? (not many...none)
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    @ceee thanks
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    @ceee a job is what motivates you ? Well good luck with that ..
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    @TheAnimatrix it's fine for now. I mean I don't see what's wrong ?
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    @TheAnimatrix I don't see how an enjoyable job with a nice and stable salary makes bad motivation.

    I've seen a lot of people who program for the nice salary. And I can't lie, it helped increase my decision to learn programming.
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    Yeah well I guess I was looking at it from my perspective , I don't like jobs ... There's plenty individual work to be done as it is. However for someone with a family or so this may not be an option

    (When I say individual work I mean stuff you would have fun doing yourself .. Under your own entity of operation .. Its fun )
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