I have a Sony Xperia tipo.
Super old.

The screen is not working.

Can I use some other screen by literally disassembling the whole cellphone and do some hakabuka? Or, is there any way that I can access the phone although it's locked and the screen is not working?

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    Well, is the screen really broken or could it be a software issue?
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    @Alice , well, that can be only verified if I boot it in a fastboot mode. Now the thing is, when the phone turns on(there is no activity on screen) but the volume rockers show activity. A beep at highest and lowest volume and every intermediate volume shows that it's probably not a software issue (or maybe)
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    @N1teshsurana you should try to reset it with xperia companion first. Maybe this will fix it and you don't have to do anything further. Backup should be made.
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