I've got a question for everyone.

I'm revamping my CV and I was thinking of lightening it a bit, but I'm not very experienced with CV's.

At my last development job, we would order breakfast cobs every Friday, and I would sort all the change out and order it etc.

Would it be wrong to add this to the end of my job history?

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    I'd leave it out but hey if you're super proud of it?
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    @BambuSource haha not that proud just thought it sounded boring AF as it is.
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    Lol only if you did something really genius to take care of that task
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    Wrap it up in "leadership skills" and "showing initiative".
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    IMO it’s not CV worthy.
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    As with anything it depends on who's reading it.

    Is it a startup with a fun culture? Go for it.

    Large obnoxious company with auto resume sort and tight assed managers? Leave it out.
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