I've made an opensource developer angry today by asking if their project supports a particular feature...


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    It's open source! Isn't that enough?

    @Alice cake recipe is open source as well (isn't it?), so obviously it is better than any other product that isn't open source.

    I call security/privacy/open source enthusiasts "vegetarians" often because ofc what they are focusing on isn't bad but they are somehow missing something out..
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    I'm taking a wild guess: it doesn't support it...
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    Unless you demanded the feature or was rude there is no reason to get angry for a question.

    They should appreciate feedback like that.

    Even if its a feature that they do not think fit its still good to know how other think, you just might have missed something really good.
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    @Voxera I maintain around 7-8 open projects alone. So i completely understand how difficult it is to answer every question. Hence I always keep in my mind that I'm thankful for their project, effort, and time. And never be rude while reporting any issue or asking any question.

    I believe my question was not pretty clear.
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    @HomeAlone yes. You're right. But it was because they were expecting me to ask in on stackoverflow
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    @BambuSource yes. But I feel sad when I make someone sad/angry.
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    There are two many factors to take into account to determine whether their anger is warranted or not.

    If you’ve asked politely, and this isn’t something that’s covered on the first page of the documentation, then I can’t see why they’d get angry about a question.
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    @zarathustra generally when something is not mentioned in the documentation, it is considered that the feature is not implemented.

    But I've seen many documentation where the author have missed something. So if it is a simple feature, I google first and then raise an issue to confirm.

    But many authors find it difficult to answer every question. Hence they encourage people asking questions on stackoverflow.

    But stackoverflow has it's own rule and all type of questions are not welcome. So users're confused where to ask.
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    This was my comment

    "I've created an application which generate playing cards (div) having transformed images. I've to save all the cards as image. I tried html2canvas but it failed.

    I was wondering if I use XXXXX to draw images and convert card into SVG. Is it possible to save SVG as image using this library?

    > I couldn't find anything on net. so asking here"

    * XXXXX : to hide the name of project
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    @Alice actually that was the last workaround I was looking as html2canvas was having issue. But then "dome to image" library solved my issue.

    Check this for more detail

    Sorry if UI is confusing. I'll create a video tutorial soon.
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    I believe using badges in comment / issue can give a clear message to the maintainers
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