So, what's next? ;-)
I'm running my own GitLab for multiple years

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    @FetzenNET well this one has a linkedin door I havent seen yet :)
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    @FetzenNET if you see a repost downvote it as repost and move on. No abusive comments please. This is one and only warning.
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    @dfox I didn't mean to abuse anyone and if I did I'm sorry. I just got feed up by seeing this meme for the 20th time.... Nonetheless I deserve the punishment I got and will try to behave myself more in the future and follow you advice...

    @CompileNix Ich will mich besonders bei dir entschuldigen und hoffe ich habe dir keine all zu großen Probleme bereitet. Ich hoffe allerdings dass du auch meinen Ärger verstehen kannst:).

    (ENGLISH: I especially want to execuse to you, and I hope I didn't anger you to much,but I hope you can understand my anger as well.)
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    @FetzenNET ist verständlich, kein Ding. ich habe das Bild zum ersten Mal gesehen^^

    en: it's understandable, np. I've seen that image for the first time^^
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