This is a joke. This isn't even wifi in my room 4 rooms across from the router. This is LAN. 1und1 at their finest. (No bad weather, no sister uploading photos or brother downloading.. you know)

The thing is, we are switching to QuiX. And the ****ers from 1&1 want to keep us as their customers for another 13,5 months! Is this even legal?! WTF

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    @Alice we officially have 6K. That's silly enough. But QuiX has country-side glass fiber.

    But I mean if the 13,5 months are legal..
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    The real question is, how did you upload that screenshot?
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    @taigrr I don't even know...

    It's only 20KB and even that took a while
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    @Alice Some of thesr guys are tricky, they put in their T&C's that they provide speeds upto x. So basically any speed under x and they still "uphold their end of the contract"
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    Wow!! 2MB speed.

    I survive on bytes/second.
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    @Floydian your pic still confuses me. That speed sure sucks but as long as you work primarily with code, that doesn't bother you as much as working with online games, photographs or something else. And our upload is more of an issue anyways.

    @InterferenceObj Sad and (probably) true. Or else 1&1 would be sued all the time - oh wait, they are!
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    @taigrr It's not that bad… My download speed used to be worse than his upload speed only a year ago, and I got around just fine. It's annoying, but managable.

    Of course it's not okay if he's paying for more, tho!
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    What if your brother was actually uploading pictures and your sister downloaded...?
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