Working with a team of 5 for a college project.
Told them how to use GitHub.
Guess what.
Fuck you and fuck GitHub, they are sending me Dropbox links to download project (npm modules included).

I’m out, fuck this class and fuck college i just can’t

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    can relate
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    ...and they didn't know how to use GitHub before? oh god...
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    One day I read a rant by someone who was ranting about that his college colleagues could "code the heck out of a tick tack toe game" but don't know what GitHub is.

    I lost the link☹️
    So your case seems to be common sadly...
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    How is it possible to upload node_modules directory?
    It will take days lol
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    @sonofwind you are underestimating their stupidity
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    Simply refuse to work unless they use github, tell your lecturer about it and that you said they should use github.
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