Substitute Teacher who apparently majors in Java sees my copy.
T - Your programs are incomplete
M - You mean ?
T - Where are the braces ?
M - Its Python
T - It works ?
M - Yes
T - It works on linux ?
M - Yes -_-

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    @undef 🤣
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    @undef uhh the teacher? I think? What’s your thought about this? 😂
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    @Null0x90 I really don't think they do
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    @Null0x90 it is not like every programmer has to know all languages. They just can't be ignorant pricks.
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    Alot of teachers learn stuff, but stop learning because they think it's like other subjects, but computer science is always changing. And there's so many languages, API's, etc. That you will never know it all. But you should never stop learning.
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