Most of the Top "Rants" are jokes.
Many of them even just lame, ancient jokes.

Seems to becoming PoorDevJokes

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    Downvote them, then! That button is there for a reason.
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    maybe ppl like to laugh and be merry more than they like to be angry and slam ppl

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    @zlice except that's not what rant means :p
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    @zlice I'm merry when I'm angry.
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    @linuxxx You're right. but that is still just a drop in a bucket.

    There is a hell lot of that useless stuff with 1k ++
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    @zlice Then use 9gag or the like. Most of the images are from there anyway.
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    @zlice Then why do they post it under the "rant" category?
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    some ppl r mad when they meme, some ppl can't tag. idk.

    there are a shit ton of meme-repost (external and internal)
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