Sadly to say, but devrant is slowly moving away from dev part of its name, even rant part.

More I see posts about this tech sucks vs that tech sucks. That being annoying, would be fine, not for me, but fine.

The worse part are the memes. Repost memes, not funny, though, maybe funny to some, still no effort reposts.

Even worse are posts that have nothing to do with dev. Like recent post about soldiers and gay people (maybe you saw it). Why the hell post it here?

Going down are the ++ beggers, sadly I see even more of them.

Yes I understand I can just leave this platform.
I just wanted to express these mixed feelings I have been getting for my once favorite place to read about other devs experience.

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    Devrant may benefit from just removing the meme category altogether.
    I can ignore a shit post here and there, but these memes are cringe af.
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    Click these things. unless your on web then there's a feeds link up the top.

    Remove 90% of the memes, the other 10% usually from new guys who want ++ for stickers 😞

    And what's wrong with ++ beggars, not all these <--- ++ are from genuine content 😁

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    Even more annoying are the idiots who can't even properly categorise their shit because filtering doesn't work. I wonder how anyone can be a dev when he's already too stupid for a fucking multiple choice. Btw., that's disproportionately often Indians.
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    You should've seen devrant in 2017
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    @geekmind "disproportionately often Indians": he's not implying that folks from other countries don't, just that out of the ones who do a good number seem to be Indian.
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    > What makes you say that Indians do that?

    fucking evidence maybe?
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    @geekmind The bloody evidence? Stick around for a bit and see for yourself.

    For the life of me I can't figure out why people think stereotypes are a bad thing, or why they get so fucking offended over them. They're just statistics.
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    @geekmind First, look up what "disproportionately often" even means. Second, it's not a stereotype, it's a fact observed on devRant.
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    @RememberMe The real question is, even if it is true: is this a necessary information?
    I think that:
    - it is irrelevant, so there is no positive effect adding this information
    - it may subconsciously strengthen stereotypes, so there is a negative effect.
    If you doubt the second, consider this: in germany many populists started using the term "criminal foreigner". They did not say that foreigners are criminal, but used this word combination and sometimes said "If you are a foreigner you are more likely to be a criminal".
    Some years later we have more and more hate and violence against foreigners.
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    You are starting to argue about Indians. Something this post or devrant isn't about. (not sure about devrant, because it may become some weird forum soon)
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    @sdnotebook I was merely explaining @Fast-Nop's statement, in a logical sense.

    Also correlation doesn't imply causation, you haven't really shown that hate towards foreigners increased *because* Germans use "criminal foreigners" as an everyday phrase. It might have some effect, sure.

    Also, if it fits the data it's not malicious stereotyping, it's facts, but I do agree that it seems to be outside of the scope of this rant (even OP thinks so).
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    Anyway, back to topic. A huge problem on devRant is that the -- mechanism was supposed to regulate that.

    However, there are too many idiots who ++ everything. Also, if you actually use -- appropriately, your -- rights will be revoked. Happened to at least one DR member here.

    On the other hand, DR itself is closed source, with one of the two standard outcomes: the devs lost interest, the platform is rotting, and nobody can step in to improve things here.

    (The other standard outcome would have been selling the platform to some company.)
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    @Fast-Nop I would very happily help maintain the backend -- even if it is written in PHP.
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    @Root I'm getting there, I just took a shitload of time settling on the lang/framework. After trying many options I think I'm settling golang/buffalo, initially no js and tailwindcss.

    https://gitter.im/ranterix/drafts to discuss ideas
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    I like some memes and shitposts. But yeah, at least keep it vaguely on topic.
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    @sdnotebook But why take offense? I guess that just depends on the person.

    I'm Dutch (devRant knows this by now) and I joke about dutch stereotypes a lot. I also joke about stereotypes of other countries a lot.
    I joke about religion, myself, beat the mental shit out of my friends and get that right in return but that's all good.

    But yeah, I think @RememberMe and the others talking about this subject are absolutely right.

    Like, a lot of tech videos I watch have Indian guys with heavy accents which I find extremely annoying.
    But then, I regularly watch videos with dutchies talking English with a dutch accent and that annoys the living hell out of me as well, so what?
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