Just switched to macOS High Sierra from Linux and I gotta say, really pleased so far with the experience. Everything is smooth, snappy and haven't encountered anything crashing yet.

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    How'd the hackintosh work out for you? I've been interested in the idea but never tried it.
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    Amethyst, Homebrew & Alfred 2 are my favorite "apps" on my Mac.

    Hyper.sh & iTerm might be worth a look.

    It's a pretty good environment for development.
    Plus Adobe software is natively supported.

    However the OpenGL is old as dirt.
    - it'll get replaced by Apple's Metal in next release tho.
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    @starrynights89 I also have a Hackintosh and it is pretty stable. Updates can be a bit difficult, Nvidia drivers need to be installed manually after every update but that's easy enough.

    I am not a Mac user thought, I installed it besides Windows and Linux 'cause I can.
    So I didn't even chose my hardware to run a Hackintosh.

    If you can get your hand on a macOS installer and have a spare harddrive/SSD then just give it a try.
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    @starrynights89 I haven't used it enough yet to form a solid opinion but first impressions are really good! I didn't build this PC specifically as a hackintosh, just decided to try out macOS and it worked just fine. Installation was flawless (even though I fucked up by forgetting network drivers)
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    @lotd already using hyper but I'll check out the other stuff you suggested 👍
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    long time hackintosh user, with 1year+ work env on full linux. the difference is huge: no crashes, no memory leaks, apps dead-on easy install (no weird dependencies), smooth graphics (bonus: there's a synergy between UI of apps), MUCH MUCH better bluetooth support.

    for everything else there homebrew, macports and last but not least virtual machine :P
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    Mmmmmmm I like your hardwares
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