Girlfriend (art student): “You’re in CS. Why don’t you use Windows? Macs are terrible for programming.”

Me: “macOS is better for doing command line compilation and shit because it supports Unix terminal commands and stuff with a reliable OS that’s better-supported than most Linux OSes. I also have Windows on my laptop too, for Visual Studio.”

Girlfriend: “Only like 1% of people use command line stuff. Windows is better for programming. I’ve seen a lot of CS majors use Windows.”

Me: “Uh. You watch me use my computer every day. The stuff I do in Terminal takes forever on Windows.”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, but Windows is just better for programming though.”


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    Welcome to devrant!
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    @mohammed Thank you!
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    There is just one thing to do, make her chose, the red pill or the blue pill, or dump her, nah don't do that.
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    Just tell her once.
    Developers love mac.
    They are only bound to windows only for stupid customer period.
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    Using bootcamp in mac is way better 😎😎
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    ask her: are the cs students forced to use windows?
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    https://superuser.com/questions/... comparison of deleting speed. Now try her that you have lots of files and the speed is better and there is irc for real human help not just for "reinstall"
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    *uses make on Windows* 🤐
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    another answer: npm has too long paths for windows.
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    Don't take this personal:

    Windows/mac: 🤢

    Welcome to devRant!
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    C a n p e o p l e e v e r j u s t s t o p c a r i n g a b o u t o t h e r O S s?
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    I use 3 systems lol
    Triple boot is a thing man
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    Install her Arch Linux. If she gets used to it, she's a keeper.
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    Well, she’s a keeper 🤗🤗
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    Have you offered any expert advice to her about how to best create or appreciate art?
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    In these situations i just admit im stupid, and tell her that she is dating a stupid person, and that there could be no possible reason for your decisions. It usually gets it thru their heads that they crossed the line by that point.
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    Tell her "Why dont you use oil paints, every art major i have seen uses oil paints"
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    Tell her the truth: it all depends on what are you developing and under which production environment (OS) its going to run in.
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    Let her see "go run *.go" side by side on windows and unix system
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    I detect a lack of Docker in her brain
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    Why not both? 🤔
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    You should try telling her that you are so much more productive using the terminal, which gives you much more time to spend with her...


    Warning: this has not been tested on statistically relevant population ;-).
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    Wanted to write a comment but could not help to write a full post on this -

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    fuck, tell her that her hair is better for oil painting! you don't go around telling her to use a mouse instead of a tablet/digital table

    (I don't really know how to say that in English, fuck me)

    DAMN! tho I still prefer linux... it's cheaper
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    if(girlfriend.opinion(OperatingSystems.Windows > OperatingSystems.UNIX-like)) {

    girlfriend = null;

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    @dfox ^^^ please fix the "let me throw additional newlines in there" issue on web... pretty please
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    She's kinda right though, Apple sucks
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    She's too stupid to realise taste.
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    She isn't a developer, therefore she cannot have an informed opinion. Observation is insufficient.
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    Time to learn the rule number one: Your girl friend have the point there. Ever 😎
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    First thing I thought when I saw "A lot a CS majors use Windows."

    Me: "I was a student back then. I couldn't afford a MAC. Hell, I still think it's too much money. As for Linux, I was too young, too dumb to..."

    Point is yes; most CS students do use Windows (same with the rest of the population). Does it have issues? Fuck yes. But it got the job done, and most things are compatible with it.
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    You are dating an arts major, just say "you know you may have a good point, have you...(change subject)"

    It's not productive to have a geek out with an arts major who isn't a dev, and it's definitely not worth it if she's your girlfriend.
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    You did your part. That's enough. ^_^
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    always macOS better for programmers
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    She is not the one, dude. Sorry
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    Tell her that Paint is the best tool for making art and that 99% of art people use it.
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    ask her to learn programming and use windows while programming
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    windows is so good for programming it consumes your complete ram. No wastage.
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    I would make you notice that your gf disregard your professional opinion I'm favour of either:

    What people say
    Her own opinion.

    Both ways she don't respect you
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    An art studen....complaining about using a mac....wrong course of studies
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    sorry about your breakup :/
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    Simple solution: show her this thread... I mean we are developers lol
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    ...Jesus fucking christ guys.
    This started as a OS discussion and now all of a sudden people feel entitled to make estimated guesses about a person they have not seen once on in their life, calling her names etc.

    If you were in the same position with a topic you're unfamiliar with i.e. cars the exact same thing can happen to you. Even if you don't have bad intentions.

    Have some decency.
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    @ilikeglue well, removing lots of files is also a problem in unix operating systems, not only NT. Turns out this is a filesystem problem.
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    If you're a .Net developer, Windows machines are obviously the better choice. But, if you're not...
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