I want to buy a laptop. I got a suggestion like ssd laptops are very fast. But I got confused wether to go for Mac 128ssd or windows 256ssd.
The reason for above comparison is both price are more or less same.
Give me your suggestion please

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    Aside from the Mac vs. Windows part of it, I would go with more space so the 256.
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    I would recommend atleast 500gb if it will be your primary pc later
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    if your NOT bothered about: build quality; how many years trouble free use you can get out of it; how good the OS is; etc... then don’t buy a Mac.
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    128gb is not enough. If the 256 doesn't also have a hard drive, then that's not enough either. Also, please, please don't buy a mac.
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    @helloworld Macs' build quality is absolute and utter shit. You don't get long out of a well used mac either. If you are concerned about those, a mac isn't the answer. If you aren't, mac still isn't the answer
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    @Proximyst I have to disagree. I have been producing on Macs since well before you were born. A friend is now the owner of my old iMac from 2007. The build quality is second to none. My opinion is based on real world experience, i don’t believe yours is.
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    @helloworld Yeah, my experience is from opening those bitches, and they're sure as hell not made to last. They're not only built horribly (macs, iphones, ipod touches (surprisingly not the classics)), but the components are also utter shit. Not just bad. Utter and complete shit, as they're of the type that cost $5 and last long *enough*, then die out
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    Unless you really need to work on mac then don’t get it
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