Apparently the same guy that likes to type on a turned off macbook, likes to look at his turned off phone too

Previously: https://devrant.com/rants/1383459/...

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    He's using it as a makeshift mirror or has some sort of dark screen filter? :P
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    Caption: Ohh fuck after my laptop my phone's battery dead too
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    I like these stock photos. Makes it easy to edit fabricated screens overtop the devices
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    Plot twist: it's a privacy filter
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    Part 2 of the meme
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    He’s using the secret devRant extra-dark theme
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    Aren't these stock photos like this so you can photoshop stuff in the screens?
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    @mundo03 I have a background process, that fetches wallpapers from unsplash, so it "should be" a self taken picture, which makes it personally so much funnier, but yeah it looks a lot like those "placeit" pictures 😄
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    maybe he is blind so using other methods to use the devices and saving energy by turning the screens off?
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    @Rohr I actually thought of the same, while posting it
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    @JoshBent those people are just amazig. just recently, I saw a guy who is blind. and he was part of a frontend dev team ... O.O

    I mean - i do not have to point out that irony ...

    he was responsible for the accessibility ... I am HIGHLY impressed by someone like this.
    Ever tyried doing stuff on your computer without looking!?!?
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    @Rohr I have some rants about that, e.g. a blind dev gave a presentation, how he uses visual studio, it's impressive
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    @JoshBent yes it totally is!! It litteraly blew my mind!!

    I mean, I think I would not even be able to pass the login without looking :D
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    Maybe that guy is using some sort of un-reading encryption on his laptop and phone screen to hide whats on screen Or he is an ALIEN O_o
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    It just the new darkest theme in market, I just love it. #PowerOffIsTheNewDark
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