So I got offered 85k job in NYC. The interviews went well and they were impressed with all my answers. Now here's the deal.
I have 2 years of good software development experience in.my home country and then moved to USA for further studies. Now graduated this May.

Not sure if 85k(including all perks) is the right amount ? Or negotiate it to make it 90k...

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    Ok so here's one thing for you to look at:

    How much is rent?

    A city much much so than NYC I'm looking at has studio apartments but they're $2k a month.
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    @dfox and @trogus might be able to provide a bit of input lol
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    cool! but you should calculate your living expenses before you take this job. For a small 1 room appartment in Manhattan you pay $ 2000-3500 a month.
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    You deserve more than 85k. But it seems you need your H1B. Take whatever you can get. Full time for new grads is actually very hard to get nowadays unless you’re very very good. And when I mean good, I mean industry good. Idc if you beat all the students in your class. It’s much tougher out there. Tis why we prefer at least one internship to humble you out.

    I’m in Silicon Valley at 98k that goes up with compensation to roughly around 101k. And I’m still complaining.

    It’s not enough man. Especially in our cities!
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    The city is expensive, so that is on the low end for someone with a couple years experience, but it really depends on what you learned/produced in those 2 years. You can always negotiate for more, but best option is to have multiple offers to choose between. Everyone here really wants devs that have more than a bootcamp under their belts, so you should have some decent options if you shop around. Good luck!
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